Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Personal Essay - Life Intrudes #NaBloPoMo

I am someone who is dependable.  People can rely on me.  By undertaking the challenge of writing one blog post daily every day this month (and there are thirty days in June, in case you forgot), I scheduled everything perfectly.  I'm really good at planning.  But I forgot that old Yiddish proverb:

                                 "Man plans and God laughs."

In my case it was, "Woman plans and dog barfs."  So I am not going to be able to write the review I had scheduled today.  Nor am I going to delve into my psyche to compose a personal essay.  Am I going to I ponder the significance of not being able to meet a self-imposed deadline and timetable?  No. I am going to attend to my dog's sensitive stomach, and take him to the veterinarian.  His health issue means I may not be able to post a blog tomorrow.  

In the scheme of life, my dog means more to me than any social media exposure.  He depends and relies on me, and provides me with the most important content of all: love.

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